About Us

Hello and welcome to the Roast Post coffee community!

We are an independent Swiss family business that was created by two Brothers with a shared passion for coffee. We prefer to think of Roast Post as a club for coffee aficionados and enthusiasts, rather then just a company. We’ve combined our passion for travel with our never ending quest for the perfect roast. On our journey we have been introduced to a wide variety of Coffee. From traditional roasting techniques at a lush coffee plantation in Bali, to the finest modern Ethiopian roasts in New York City.

We soon realised that Switzerland has a lot more to offer then most coffee lovers would expect. A country that dominates the global coffee market with large corporations and established brands, has a surprisingly wide variety of new and old local Roasters. This sparked our interest, so we set out on our next adventure to find the best roasters in Switzerland. Much to our surprise we discovered some of the highest quality coffee we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. However, the best coffee products in Switzerland are not always the most famous or the easiest to find. That is why we made it our mission to connect them to you! We want to share our discoveries and allow others to enjoy the Rost Post Coffee experience with us. That is why we created Roast Post, to create a Community of Coffee lovers.

Whether it’s a sleepy Sunday morning or the start of the work week, our team of experts have you covered. Our mission is to deliver the best variety of local roasts directly to you. We want to bring you your daily cup of happiness! Join the Roast Post family and receive our Coffee Tips and Tricks. Check out our social media platforms to join in the discussion! Siphon or French Press? Esspresso or Americano? Let us know how you like your coffee! And don’t forget to #RoastPost!

The Roast Post Team