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Mix 16.02 / CAFETHEK

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MIX 16.02

The roaster Cafethek specialises in single origin Terroir-Coffees. Single origin specialty Coffees from single plantation plots directly imported. Works well as a fruity Espresso, Café Creme, Filter, etc.
This mix, named after the month and the year that it was first created in, uses three different single-plot Coffee types to create a well rounded flavour.


Middle-Dark roast; Kakao, Dark Chocolate, Black Tee.

Coffee Variety

60 % = SLN 274 Canephora

Var: SLN 274 / Double Washed / Balehonnur Estate / Indien

25 % = Temple Mountain Arabica

Var: S795 / Fully-Washed / Temple-Mountain Estate / Indien

15 % = Bourbon Arabica

Var: Bourbon / Fully Washed / Finca Hamburgo / Mexico

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