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The roaster Cafethek specialises in single origin Terroir-Coffees. Single origin specialty Coffees from single plantation plots directly imported. Always lightly roasted as to preserve the origin taste/characteristics of the individual beans. Works well as a fruity Espresso, Café Creme, Filter, etc.


Torre (Mundo Novo) is a cross between the two oldest historic Coffee Plants, wich originally were grown in plantations in Jemen. Flavour: Lightly Acidic, Wallnut, Notes of Brasilian Barrique Barrel.

Coffee Variety

Producer: Fazendas Dutra, Estate: Agua Limpa, Lot: Torre, Elevation: 1‘000m, Typ: C. Arabica, Variety: Mundo Novo rot, Process: Pulped natural, Screen: 16 up, Harvest: 960 kg

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